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We are Malaysia professional designer of personalized baby gift and baby hamper

As we come to a certain age in our life, you realize all of your closest friends have all moved on to married life and having babies. This is the time you will receive a lot of invitation at attend baby shower, and also for you to think about the personalized shower gift for the babies. 

Becoming a mother makes me realize that i want to capture every moment for my loved one. I want my baby to have very special and memorable memories. I was surprised that few of my friends and i received the same Disney gift set for our babies. That is hard for people to find a personalized baby gift or baby hamper for their loved one. This is how we get an idea to start our personalized baby gift and baby hamper online business - a new creation of unforgotten moments for our loved one.

Oh My Gift (OMG) is a collection of the sweetest handmade babies's clothing and accessories.A comprehensive range of affordable, premium quality, designer personalized products for your loved one.And all these personalized baby gift and baby hamper are now available to purchase online in Malaysia as well as Singapore.

If you are looking for a personalized baby gift or custom-made baby gift for someone, there is very little chance of someone turning up with the same gift as you. A personalized baby gift will put a big smile on any soon-to-be-mum's glowing face. OMG gives a personal touch from you to the newborn and will become a timeless part of their childhood. As always, we thank you for visiting our online baby gift store and we hope you can find the sweetest baby gift or baby hamper online here for your little one.